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Metal Roofing Benefits

How would you like a roof that:

metal roofingCan withstand most weather conditions

metal roofingIs fire resistant

metal roofingIncreases the resale value of your house

metal roofingQualifies for cheaper home insurance

metal roofingSaves you up to 40% on your energy bills

metal roofingMay pay for itself in the lifetime of the roof

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Metal Roofing Toronto

GTA Metal Roofing Toronto Company.

We are a locally based metal roofing company based in Toronto and serve the GTA area.  For your metal roofing Toronto company like GTA metal roofing will give you the best metal roofing price.  We manufacture the metal sheets used for roofing ourselves so can give you competitive metal roofing prices.  Because we manufacture the metal roofing sheets  you can be assured of good quality metal roofing materials to be used for your project.

We Give 55 Years Warranty on Metal Roofing Installation

As part of our roofing work, we install a weather-tight barrier to  protect your house against punishing winds and penetrating hail. We provide a solid 55 year warranty against product and installation defect.
If you want peace of mind with your metal roofing Toronto based GTA metal roofing will give you a full warranty on their work.  You can sleep soundly knowing that your roof is fully covered by our warranty.

We Save You Money on Metal Roof Installation

For their Metal Roofing Toronto and GTA residents can be rest assured that we will save them money on metal roof installation cost.  It can be expensive to remove the old roof and dispose of it before the new metal roof is installed.  GTA Metal Roofing will take care of this for you, thereby saving you a lot of money on the total installation cost.  Metal roofing is getting more popular and so metal roofing prices are falling rapidly.  Contact us for free estimate.

For Having Metal Roofing Toronto and GTA Residents Can Save Money On Energy Bills

You can save up to 40% on your energy bills if the metal roof is installed properly.  At GTA Metal Roofing we ensure that your metal roof installation is done properly so as to give you the full benefit of energy savings.

You Can Get Cheaper Home Insurance

Some insurance companies like State Farm Insurance provides cheaper home insurance for qualifying metal roofs. We use metal roofing materials that qualify for cheaper home insurance.

GTA Metal Roofing Toronto: Affordable Finance Available

If you need financial assistance we can help you to obtain finance at a low interest rate.  For an affordable metal roofing Toronto and the GTA dwellers can get a reduced interest rate to finance the project.  Please contact us for details.  Call (647) 360 5056

Environmentally Friendly Material

We will instal a quality metal roof for you by using only quality metal roofing materials. We work in eco and environmentally friendly way and and don’t contribute to the Ontario landfill problem.

Made in Canada

We are a Canadian owned company.  Our manufacturing facility is at Bowmanville, Ontario.  All our consultants and technicians are well trained and are based in Canada.

If you live in the GTA and looking to install a metal roof Toronto based company like GTA metal roofing is best placed to serve you.

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GTA Metal Roofing Toronto dwellers choice!

Metal roofing Toronto

A report by the Metal Construction Association (MCA) confirms that metal roofing can last as much as 60 years longer than the buildings they cover.

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What Our Customers Say...

Walter & Sandra Scarborough

Highly Recommend

Not only have we got new metal roofing that is green and eco friendly product, it also helps us to save on heating and cooling costs. The new steel roof makes us feel safe and secure but above all has a lasting beauty and we truly feel that we have the best-looking roof on our street.

De Xiong Hu.. Scarborough

Steel Roofing was a great decision

When we had to replace our aging roof recently a friend of ours suggested using GTA Metal Roofing company. Initially we were worried about using them as we don't know them. As it turned out his recommendation was God sent. They worked in a professional manner right from the start, noting our preferences and truly tried hard to work within our limited budget. Great job done, very happy, we highly recommend GTA Metal Roofing to anyone who needs metal roofing!

Heather & Steven Wilkinson. Ajax

We’re sure we’ll enjoy our roof for many, many years.

What really made us most happy with GTA Metal Roofing is that stand behind their product and professional installation and provide iron clad warranty

  . We are looking forward to a roof that will last a lifetime, and we never have to re roof again. We made the right decision to go with you guys, thank you.

Sten... Mississauga

People stop to compliment us about our new metal roof.

After installing aluminum roofing on our newly built house, we got constant compliments on how great looking our newly built house is. Many of them people commented on the mocha brown aluminum roof that really pulled everything together , Thank you GTA Metal Roofing

Vinod.. North York

It was a pleasure working with them.

“The installers from GTA Metal Roofing were professional and took care of our home while we were at work. They always cleaned up after working each day, protecting our shrubs and garden.. The installation leader always answered all our questions; it was a pleasure working with them. 

Tina & Daniel… West Rouge

Money well spent

It’s money well spent. Not only is it very stylish to look at, it’s lifetime warranted. Best thing we ever did on our home!!! “If you don’t want to re-roof your house every 10 years then metal roofing is definitely for you!”