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Metal Roofing Benefits

How would you like a roof that:

metal roofingCan withstand most weather conditions

metal roofingIs fire resistant

metal roofingIncreases the resale value of your house

metal roofingQualifies for cheaper home insurance

metal roofingSaves you up to 40% on your energy bills

metal roofingMay pay for itself in the lifetime of the roof

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Metal Roofing Cost

In relative terms metal roofing cost is usually higher than the cost of using asphalt shingles.  However, even though initial metal roofing cost may be higher than shingles, in the long run metal roofing is cheaper due to certain benefits of having a metal roof. For best estimates of metal roofing cost Toronto dwellers in their numbers have relied on GTA metal roofing to give them lower costs.

Metal Roofing Cost is Spread Over a longer Term.

To start with, metal roofs lasts much longer than asphalt shingles.  A typical metal roof may last for about 50 years or more, compared to shingles which may need to be replaced within a period of 15 years.  Consequently in calculating metal roofing cost Toronto dwellers asking for the estimate must take into account the longevity of the life span of a metal roof and spread the cost over a longer period.

Metal Roofing Cost as a Long-Term investment

Metal roofing cost is in the same range as cedar wood shingles or clay tiles but metal roofs last longer than these.  Aside of the fact that they stay longer than other roof types metal roofs are energy efficient.  They say you money on your energy cost.  This why in estimating metal roofing cost Toronto companies usually advise the house owner to consider the cost as a long-term investment.

Metal Roofing Cost – The Energy Savings Factor

Many homes with metal roofing have notices a marked reduction in energy costs.  There is less strain on HVAC equipment in the home too. A metal roof can reflect heat, thus making the room cooler.  This mean less load on the air-conditioner.

The energy savings cost must be a factor in comparing metal roofing costs with the cost of other roofing materials and the possibility of HVAC equipment in the house lasting longer must be taking into account when estimating metal roofing costs.

The Low Maintenance Factor

One other thing that must be considered when working out metal roofing cost is the low maintenance factor.  In addition to the fact that metal roofing lasts longer, it only requires low maintenance.  In most cases all it requires is a lick of paint to bring it back to its former shinning glory.  Any real maintenance of the roof starts from 30 years or so.

The Investment Factor

The investment in metal roofing will normally increase the value of the house.  It is estimated that the overall savings from a metal roof is as high as 75 percent of the total metal roof cost.  In this sense the metal roof pays for itself.   The big bonus for having a metal roof is that it increases the value of your house.  So you get all your investment in the metal roof back in the end, plus a nice chunk of profit.

Metal roofing cost

What Our Customers Say...

Walter & Sandra Scarborough

Highly Recommend

Not only have we got new metal roofing that is green and eco friendly product, it also helps us to save on heating and cooling costs. The new steel roof makes us feel safe and secure but above all has a lasting beauty and we truly feel that we have the best-looking roof on our street.

De Xiong Hu.. Scarborough

Steel Roofing was a great decision

When we had to replace our aging roof recently a friend of ours suggested using GTA Metal Roofing company. Initially we were worried about using them as we don't know them. As it turned out his recommendation was God sent. They worked in a professional manner right from the start, noting our preferences and truly tried hard to work within our limited budget. Great job done, very happy, we highly recommend GTA Metal Roofing to anyone who needs metal roofing!

Heather & Steven Wilkinson. Ajax

We’re sure we’ll enjoy our roof for many, many years.

What really made us most happy with GTA Metal Roofing is that stand behind their product and professional installation and provide iron clad warranty

  . We are looking forward to a roof that will last a lifetime, and we never have to re roof again. We made the right decision to go with you guys, thank you.

Sten... Mississauga

People stop to compliment us about our new metal roof.

After installing aluminum roofing on our newly built house, we got constant compliments on how great looking our newly built house is. Many of them people commented on the mocha brown aluminum roof that really pulled everything together , Thank you GTA Metal Roofing

Vinod.. North York

It was a pleasure working with them.

“The installers from GTA Metal Roofing were professional and took care of our home while we were at work. They always cleaned up after working each day, protecting our shrubs and garden.. The installation leader always answered all our questions; it was a pleasure working with them. 

Tina & Daniel… West Rouge

Money well spent

It’s money well spent. Not only is it very stylish to look at, it’s lifetime warranted. Best thing we ever did on our home!!! “If you don’t want to re-roof your house every 10 years then metal roofing is definitely for you!”